7 Things You Need to Know if You’re in a Pedestrian Accident

7 Things You Need to Know if You’re in a Pedestrian Accident

Did you know that there were nearly three thousand pedestrian fatalities in the first half of 2021 in the United States alone Pedestrian Accident? Pedestrians who get in traffic accidents often seriously injure themselves. Even though it is usually the driver’s fault, pedestrians are sometimes to blame as well.

Since it can be difficult to know what to do if you are in a pedestrian accident, we have put together a guide to help you out. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out more.

 1. Be Alert, Especially When There Are Pedestrians Around

One of the most common things that motorists say when they hit pedestrians is, “I didn’t see them; they came out of nowhere.” But this is not an acceptable excuse for getting into an accident.

It is common for drivers to not see pedestrians when they experience a phenomenon that people refer to as inattentional blindness. This occurs when the brain focuses on large objects or important details.

In doing this, it can fail to notice the more subtle details in an environment.

When drivers pass through busy intersections during rush hour, they often pay more attention to other vehicles. It can be harder to notice people because they are smaller and move more slowly.

Drivers need to understand that pedestrians can appear anywhere at any time. If you don’t pay attention when you are driving, you run the risk of causing a serious pedestrian accident.

It is an especially good idea to slow down when you are driving through school zones and past city parks. Also, stay on the lookout when you’re driving through residential areas where children might be playing.

 2. Yield to Pedestrians at Crosswalks

The majority of automobilists know how important it is to yield to pedestrians who are standing at crosswalks. But fewer drivers recognize that it is possible to consider every intersection to be a crosswalk.

It is not necessary for there to be traffic signals or markings. This is why it is common to get hurt in a pedestrian accident if you are a pedestrian who assumes that the driver knows that you have the right of way.

If you are driving your car, make sure to stop whenever you see somebody walk into the roadway. Wave the pedestrian across the road before continuing on your trip.

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident and need legal representation, be sure to visit Alpha Accident Lawyers here.

 3. Don’t Pass Vehicles That Are Stop at Crosswalks

If a car is stopping at a crosswalk, it is safe to assume that it is waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road. This is why it is illegal to pass cars that are stopping at crosswalks.

In a best-case scenario, a police officer will write you a ticket. In a worst-case scenario, you will hit a pedestrian and seriously injure them.

As the driver, you will be liable for medical expenses if you hit and injure a pedestrian. It is also possible that you will face legal repercussions.

 4. What to Do Right After an Accident

It is normal to feel angry if you are in an accident, and it is okay to feel this way. But make sure to take a deep breath before taking action.

You will first need to move the person who has been injured to a safe place. It is not a good idea to offer medical treatment unless it is an emergency. You will also need to have the right kinds of training.

If it is necessary to get medical help, call an ambulance right away.

If the pedestrian is not seriously injured, make sure to exchange contact information. This includes names, telephone numbers, and insurance details.

You will also need to gather evidence about the pedestrian accident. Take photos of the roadway and your vehicle damage.

 5. Find Out Who Is at Fault

If your vehicle hits a pedestrian while it is moving at a high speed, you should not be surprised if the person gets injured. It is also possible to injure pedestrians if your vehicle is only going five to ten miles per hour.

Since there are many ways that pedestrians can get injured by cars, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is at fault. As a driver, you will be at fault if you ran a red light or hit a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk.

 6. Call the Police and Inform Your Insurance Company

You will need to stay at the scene of the accident until a police officer arrives. The officer will assess the situation and will have a conversation with all parties that are involving.

You will also need to let your insurance company know about the accident.

 7. Decide Whether You’re Going to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, you will need to decide whether or not it is a good idea to hire a lawyer. If it seems obvious that you were at fault, you should hire a lawyer.

You will need to pay to hire a lawyer if you hit a pedestrian and don’t have car insurance.

Know What to Do if You’re in a Pedestrian Accident

It is important to know what to do if you get in a pedestrian accident. First, make sure that the pedestrian is alright. After moving them to safety, call the police. You should also consider hiring a lawyer.


If you are interested in finding out more about hiring a car accident lawyer, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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