Exploring the Different Genres of Photography

Exploring the Different Genres of Photography

I am here to share some of my favorite images from this year’s photo show. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I hope at least one image will spark your interest. All photos were taken in the backyard and can be found on Instagram @derekjeffersonphotography. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know! Thank you for taking the time to read! Exploring the Different Genres of Photography

I think most people first start with their own family and friends. But sometimes we just need something new to inspire us to do it again. So many photographers were inspired by what they saw while hanging out with other photographers that it made. They want to try out certain camera lenses that they saw on various models. Some like to use different types of film because they get more shots, while others like to take pictures of landscapes.

There was even one photographer who wanted to photograph his wife. Seeing her pose in a way he hadn’t seen before in a long shot was so inspiring that he decided to buy the camera himself.

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Please see the full disclosure for details. For those who are unfamiliar with photography, perhaps it’s hard for you to understand why you’d ever step into the studio in the first place. You might not realize yet there are many ways to improve your skills and possibly make money as well. If being an amateur photographer makes you feel out of touch, then maybe this isn’t going to help anyone. I’ve worked all over the world doing things most of these methods can’t even imagine—and now I’m sharing with you how to bring back some life in your photography career.

If you’re a professional photographer, you likely took an introductory course about marketing yourself. Maybe you learned basic photography basics like lighting, posing, composition, etc. From this knowledge, you’ll learn some really useful Photoshop tricks and also how to build a successful website. It’s essential to learn how to take stock of your portfolio and determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. After that, you will want to put together a portfolio. which you can refer back to in order to decide what direction you should go into. Here are two websites I know of to learn marketing & branding and business in general: https://www.webmarketingbusiness.com/ And http://www.brandchannel.com

Photo Editing is another skill you won’t know until you get into it. Exploring the Different Genres of Photography Learning different editing techniques and software programs can make a huge difference in your work in the future.

For example

I used Photoshop up until recently, but having experience with GIMP, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and Adobe Lightroom has allowed me to easily switch between programs without feeling overwhelmed or feeling confused about where to begin.

These tools make creating great-looking content much easier than it would be otherwise. Also, learning about editing apps and filters can greatly increase the quality of your photos. Using a filter for black & white photos like Kodak Black Star or Film Grain is pretty easy to do. By using PhotoShop or Filmora, you can add additional effects and color depth to your photos.

Depending on the project

Though, you might also have to experiment with adding a few layers, changing background textures, and experimenting with different aspects of light and shadow. If that’s not enough of a challenge, consider using a digital camera and digital manipulation in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, or similar programs.

While I still don’t recommend getting too involved in either program and switching between both of them, once I started working with each tool separately and then combining them with the rest of my workflow, I had so much fun using each to its fullest potential. Check them out!

Here are a few other resources about photography: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd_g2BxuVfU Not only did this guide give me insight into the art of photos, but it also taught me a few good strategies for finding inspiration, especially when trying to find a balance between aesthetics and portability.

To put it simply, think outside the box. With smartphones becoming smaller and lighter, they can provide just as much functionality as a proper camera does, but they can often come with less money attached and aren’t as portable. Exploring the Different Genres of Photography Consider investing in one instead of spending extra money on a subscription service to stay connected to your cameras, storage, and network.

Most importantly, get creative with your images and post them as regularly as possible. Just remember: Sometimes. The best thing you can do for your craft is to sit and stare at the wall for hours.

If you’re looking to enter this field, ask yourself:

Do I love this art form enough that I would invest time, energy, and money into developing it? An app where I could capture moments and interact with others or do it myself with social media posts and video comments? Allowing everyone else to participate in what I’m already shooting?

maybe I would enjoy helping someone out by teaching them everything. I’ve learned about photography and shown them my current efforts and progress.

There was quite literally no better way to spend our day than exploring nature and documenting the beautiful places we’ve visited throughout North America this past summer through a variety of mobile devices. We shared tons of our adventures in photos and videos and also gained. A new perspective on what our relationship with nature feels like. When people are away at work. whether travel leaves or vacation becomes non-existent. Exploring the Different Genres of Photography

Our Adventures Through Nature at Google Arts + Culture.

One reason I choose this topic is that I never realized how deeply connected. We as human beings are with the natural world and everything it provides us with. Whether it’s nature itself, art, history, science, etc.,

We see the beauty all around us and in every single instance. We are motivated by its presence to do more. Even in this pandemic of COVID-19 and restrictions being placed on us because of it, Our desire to connect to our surroundings continues.

Since I started traveling throughout Canada, I began thinking to myself about what would make the perfect location for filming. Including landscapes and urban settings. Because of this, I came across a plethora of beautiful scenes and locations that I would like to incorporate into upcoming projects.

My list included

Mount Royal Park, Niagara Falls National Park, and Lake Superior. Now that I’ve been living in Toronto since early 2021. I have also visited Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. Brossard Bridge, Gatineau Park, Kellyville, Montmorency Forest Reserve, St. Lawrence River Valley, Muskoka Lakes Regional Greenway Trail, Rideau Canal, Le Massif de la Vache, Banff Tundra, Glacier Bay, and Jasper Park.

I’m excited to continue expanding my travels and making memories! How did I end up with all these amazing places to explore in my neighborhood and abroad? Well, I traveled around 5x on Uber to try and view as many as I can, because I feel strongly about wanting to support local creators in the creation of stunning imagery.

I always keep track of the days that a city or area is accessible and open to tourists during World War II because after it ended and the government closed down the country’s borders, the U.S. became flooded and had very little in terms of tourism.

Therefore while the parks were accessible, we had limited access to sightseeing. Over the years, however, several cities in Ontario have reopened and opened their doors to visitors. Offered countless hiking and biking trails to explore, and there were times during lockdown. When I went hiking with friends near home but was not able to visit due to our job security.

Although this was frustrating for all of us, we always shared. The stories and photos from our trips and enjoyed visiting new areas.

So, instead of sitting at home. look into booking your next trip to try and expand. Your horizon and hopefully make memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. Exploring the Different Genres of Photography. Then come back and check out these posts about some of the biggest tourist attractions in Canada and worldwide:

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